About Me

I have degrees in Education and Philosophy, advanced study in Psychology, many years work experience as a Special Education teacher, and as an administrator of non-profit programs for the vocational rehabilitation of adults with disabilities. In more recent years I have worked as a Home Organizer, Life Coach, and language trainer. I am also a many-year student and teacher of Yoga, Chi Gong, and Meditation, with many years of experience. In recent years I lived in the Andean foothills of Chile where I worked as an Astrologer, massage therapist, speaker and  provider of Yoga Therapy and other related therapeutic interventions.


I began my early studies of Numerology and Meditation (age 14) and  then Astrology (at age 17) with the intention to prove to myself its absurdity. Needless to say my studies turned things around. While I still find the majority of applications of Astrology somewhat questionable, most notably what one reads in the magazines, sees on TV and supermarket checkout counters, I have discovered the “science” to be, for whatever reasons (very specific ‘metaphysical’ ones) quite sound.  In fact I have some clear and specific ideas, related to spirituality, as to how astrology “works”. You can read more about that at: www.IntoTheLightAstrology.com

My central ‘alternative’ and therapeutic work over the years has been and continues to be healing, in one form or another, typically through some manner of communication, training, relation, and/or activity.  This includes training in Yoga and Chi Gong, Yoga Therapy, and therapeutic massage.  For the past 15 years I have been a messenger of sorts, receiving messages of general evolutionary interest, which is the kind of wisdom I will be imparting here, along with other things I run into online that I find share-worthy. For a complete view of all the services I offer, my newest webpage is: Wisdom Speaking.



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