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What is “wisdom speaking” and a “second chance”? In life we see examples of second chances when you are given a ‘warning’ for a driving violation, when you get to retake a test you failed, or when there is effective treatment for what is termed ‘terminal illness’. These are examples of common, concrete and measurable life circumstances for which we have the opportunity to fix a “broken” situation.

But what about less concrete or measurable problems, ones that we experience more on an ‘emotional’ or ‘spiritual’ level? An old pop song (Bee Gees) comes to mind: “how can you mend a broken heart” and the periodic questions we struggle with during difficult times: why is this happening to me, what can I do about this, where’s the light at the end of the tunnel. In each case we are in a sense looking for another chance to create a preferable outcome.


Beyond talk of dimensional shifts, planetary cycles, earth changes and the like are daily realities that shake us up, such as loss of relationship {love}, loss of a job, or worse home {security} or unexpected health issues {mortality}. Or we simply face natural cycles of empty nest, retirement, effects of aging and such. Whether we long for a new opportunity or another perspective with which to re-balance or align ourselves, to integrate that which feels un-whole, such answers and motivation rarely come through easily accessible channels.

Many of us who consider ourselves in one way or another on a growth or “spiritual path” have learned that we need to find our solutions from within, not the advice of some sort of counselor or therapist. Therefore the help we seek is ultimately that illusory something that allows us to come up with those solutions. What we seek, besides an understanding ear is help sorting things out within our uneasy minds. We are looking for perspective, and not any perspective, but wise words.

Wisdom Speaking is a term that arose to encapsulate the work I have been doing for years, arrived at through ‘channeled information’ (also called intuition or clairvoyance) in conjunction with tools such as astrology and tarot, along with a good measure of ordered, practical thinking. This is a Blog that showcases some of my ideas and gives you a chance to interact with me, at no cost, to hear my response to your comments on my posts. Within the various services I offer, and to some extent here as well, I provide compelling responses to your troublesome concerns or burning questions, something I’ve been doing for others for about 40 years.


5 thoughts on “About Wisdom Services

  1. Hello, Gabriel ~
    I am Harley, and I came across your post on Facebook yesterday. I have a question, and I am hoping you might have an answer for me. I’ve been hearing sounds in my head. Not voices, not God or the Angels, or those who’ve passed on. I am very aware of when I’m being guided, but these sounds are more like popping noises. Loud, jarring popping noises. Early morning on March 4th, I was awaken, abruptly, by … the closest description would be a radial arm saw cutting through a 1″x 2″, a sharp, whirring, zing. I was dreaming when the sound woke me up. Now, these sounds, the popping noises, have been happening for a while, but I became noticeably aware of them last year.

    Am I losing my mind? Am I possessed by entities (a friend of mine swears if you hear ringing in your head you are possessed … well, I hear ringing, too)? Is this a physiological thing or an energetic thing? I have no answers at this moment, and I would like a bit of insight into it if you can spare some.

    My birth data, if needed is: 5 January, 1966, Seoul, South Korea, at 5:46 pm. Apparently my Mercury is quite afflicted, and my life reflects that. Matt Kahn’s most recent video has shed a bit more light on my issues/conflicts with my Mercury, but that still doesn’t keep my difficulties with computers at bay.

    Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter.

    Harley Khaang

    1. Hello Harley,

      Well, the fact that you know the sound of a radial arm saw cutting through a 1X2 is encouraging, in the sense that what you are hearing may be a “replay” of a known sound. I don’t however try to diagnose in this manner via messaging, and no doubt I would have valuable things to share with you having studied your chart. One thing for sure, keeping engaged in the work of Matt Kahn and practicing the exercises he offers is a very positive thing to do under any circumstances.

      What you seem to be asking for here are my professional services, of which I could approach in two related ways, one being a “thematic” reading of your chart related to your concern, and the other a short series of coaching sessions, utilizing the chart and other tools, to attempt to not just understand this phenomenon, but also to bring closure to it. You can click on the “Contact Information” menu here and send me an email for further comments.

      Regarding your chart and Mercury, I assure you that it is not afflicted, as your chart merely reflects the life you have chosen. Thus a ‘true’ reading of your chart will reveal why you were born into this pattern and how it functions for your evolution, thus indicating how you can work with ‘yourself’ in the most positive way regarding the apparent limitations you experience.

      Until then I wish you well with this interesting situation.
      Light to you,

      1. Thank you, Gabriel, for your reply! Yes, as far as the placement of my natal(?) Mercury is concerned, as of Matt’s last video I have come to see it as a blessing, so I am just now beginning to ease into re-viewing it for what it truly is. And yes, I could more than use a reading. Give me some time to get my finances straight and we’ll go from there.

        Thank you for answer my question :-)! May you be blessed!

        Harley Khaang

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