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Second Chance Coaching : this webpage is dedicated to my coaching work.

Wisdom Speaking : this website connects all my work.

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4 thoughts on “Contact Information

  1. Good Morning,
    My name is Tamara and I visited your ‘Into the Light’ website and noticed you offer a course in Astrology. I am interested in this course. I wanted to know if there is a charge for this material. If so, what is the fee?

    1. First of all I want to let you know that this course is given live, by videochat. There are materials used as a part of the course, but they are not sold separately. For more information on course details you can look here:
      While you are there, if you click on my name it will take you to my list of responses to astrological questions, so that you can become more familiar with my work.
      The cost of my course varies on whether it is a group (of 4) course or 1:1. While 1:1 is preferable, it costs about 3 times as much. The group course costs $270.

    2. Hello Tamara, I’m sorry for this outrageous delay! I actually haven’t received this sort of notification from WordPress before, and thought I had responded, but apparently I didn’t. Or did I? Maybe I sent you an email? If I did, I don’t recall hearing back from you …
      My course is not a paper-based one, though there are materials of my own that I include, and there is a text. However the course is delivered by video chat, 12 sessions of 2 hours each. The fee varies depending upon whether it is a group or individual instruction. A 1:1 personal course costs $620 plus text and assorted materials.
      For a more detailed explanation of the course:
      You can reply to this email at:

      Kind regards,

    3. Hi Tamara, while I thought I had already responded to this months ago, now I’m not sure. Maybe you contacted me through one of my other venues. Are you still seeking information about this? Kind regards, Gabriel

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