Free Services

* Comment on my blogs here, including personally relevant questions, and I will respond as I would in a reading.

* Ask questions on my Facebook Page Into The Light Astrology and I will likewise respond with informative, and as indicated, personally relevant comments.

* On a regular basis I hold drawings for a free reading on my Facebook Page!

Fee Based Services

* Second Chance Coaching: a live, real time reading in a dialog format based upon your expressed concerns, puzzlements, questions and explorations.  Sessions are designed to provide guidance to discover your opportunities outside of your existing experience, and those options you either haven’t realized yet or have had difficulty living to your satisfaction.

Distinct from traditional therapeutic services, my sessions are long, depending upon the type of session, between 1.25 and 2 hours, based on what best meets the need of the work. There are 7 distinct areas of Coaching I offer up front, but all my work can be individualized. The fee structure varies with the nature of the coaching, and, designed to be very accessible, tends to be around $45/session. Details at my Second Chance Coaching.

* My Intuitive Readings include a selection of custom designed readings of astrological and tarot reading options, all complementary to Coaching. In some cases the initial growth impulse that results in a Reading naturally leads to ongoing support through Coaching.

My offerings are quite varied, and I often design a custom reading when your need calls for that. You can see the full selection of my Astrology and Tarot readings at: IntoTheLightAstrology.


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